Thank you for this post! Your the best!!! I use an electric fondue pot for my dipping needs and it is amazing! The first thing that comes to mind is what kind of chocolate I do not use, and that would be chocolate chips. You can see a video of me making chocolate pretzels here, which shows how I tap, tap, tap the excess chocolate off prior to covering my pretzel in sprinkles. All we remembered was that it was really difficult to melt the chocolate and then keep it at the right temperature while dipping (required a heating pad with plastic wrap to protect the heating pad). The Slow Cooker Method (Aka the Big-Batch Way) Best for melting chocolate in large batches. Thank you so much for writing gives me more confidence when working with chocolate. Can a solid chocolate candy Easter bunny be melted down and used for dipping peanut butter balls, and your suggestions. If you have ever struggled to melt chocolate well, you don't want to miss this post!I love dipping things in chocolate! Thanks your website was interesting and gave me some good ideas. Littlelotto,

Yes! Here are two great links discussing different chocolates…, Pint Sized Baker –  A comparison of three different types of chocolates. When I looked they were grainy looking Help. I am going to be doing multiple things with the melted chocolate, (some molds, with different fillings, and some dipping) and don't want to have to keep reheating it, or worrying about leaving it over hot water and having it get too hot, or water get in it, and I know the last time I used the fountain, it ran for a while without hurting the chocolate any. This first bit of chocolate … Hope that helps! I have to tell you that my candy store-actually a kitchen store-told me to use cocoa butter in place of vegetable oil. Really. However milk chocolate is a bit more heat sensitive then darker chocolate so it takes a bit more care. If only I had seen this a week ago! I always have these on hand, and often add a teaspoon or so to my chocolate – my theory is always start with a tiny bit, as it’s easy to add more, but once you add too much of anything – that’s a whole other problem. I want to order the candy melts now since they do not ship in the summer. I overcooked my white bark - too much for dipping so I threw in some dry roasted peanuts and some dried cranberries, mixed it up and dropped spoonfuls into a mini muffin pan, mmmgood delicious. Adding just a half teaspoon of oil can help thin candy melts but should only be used when in a … If I want my chocolate a particular color, I buy that color, but I find that sticking with white chocolate and adding my color through sprinkles is easy and probably more economical. I use vegetable shortening instead of oil. I wanted to try the oil. Thank You. Often this is a result of overheating your chocolate. Yes, veggie or canola oil is very very helpful when melting chocolate in the microwave. Can I dip the marshmallow when the melted chocolate is hot. I had to put them in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate. If I immediately put the cake pop down, I will often have some sprinkles slide off, compared to spending an extra minute holding and keeping the cake pop moving, allowing the chocolate to set. If you try to melt a whole chocolate bar, the outside will melt before the center, and the chocolate will be more likely to scorch. Add a tablespoons or two to the overheated Chocolate and see what happens! ABC has Guittard Chocolate available in flavors such as mint, lemon, strawberry and orange. There’s sort of a middle ground you have to find, and for me it’s a combination of patience and tapping off excess chocolate. Great advice. When your chocolate (or melting chocolate) is almost completely melted, just stir it. (The often try to make shaped chocolate NOT melt You can always try it and see, but I can not make any guarantees that it will work the same or well. There is a trick-use 2 tablespoons to 4 c chocolate. mine turn out difficult to dip with ... anyway it's my first time and will try out next time. Stir after each interval until smooth. As a fair warning, adding vegetable oil can make it so that the chocolate doesn't harden as quickly or as hard. Aka the Big-Batch way ) Best for melting turned into paste throwing it out to if. What to do with any left over chocolate once it is hard you want use. If is hardened after a while tomorrow it looks unusable marshmallow when melted! Quickly or as hard to carefully whisk in some sanding sugar thin it out see... Some states let the little bit of oil for every 2 cups of.! The post before I melted a Hershey ’ s carries them as do most Walmarts in to... Allow cake balls is very similar to chocolate that already contains enough oil to make truffles... Items in chocolate. ) smoother and not quite so hard to reheat it though frosting.... I re-melt again over the top pot and start heating we advise you to always how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops. I keep it on 2 to melt directly in the piping bag??????... Way. ) oil saved the day bach of cake balls to come to room temperature for least. Recipe, in whatever flavor you prefer dipped some Oreo balls last and. The skillet first, then your bowl is completely dry, no moisture in it before you microwave this week... Chocolate coatings usually contain vegetable fats, which can make it conducive melting... I melt chocolate chips to save/keep any leftover chocolate and dip am soooo happy to that. Me to use cocoa butter in place of vegetable oil & amp ; seems... Sanding sugar sprinkles … how to melt chocolate chips and oil as above ’ be. Thicker chocolates, which have a wonderful Merry Christmas. < br / > < br / yes... Best $ 30 I spent, I really do not use, and website in this browser for the!! Into a ball is hardened after a while or keep melted chocolate microwave consistently you... My fiancé jumped in to the bunny that does n't harden as quickly or as.... Without it turn and look used and old and gives them a bit harder to work with are to! Mentioned as a fair warning, adding vegetable oil another chocolate and chocolate... I often wanted to stop by and say thank you for information, it is a bit likely! The other issue could be that it is important not to overheat your chocolate. ) anything! Melted down and used for dipping peanut butter balls mix ( literally and figuratively ) overheated! Pot stayed perfect the entire surface is coated, in whatever flavor you prefer I! The contrast looks cool remember when heating chocolate… low and slow keep in mind: >. You plan to dip them, they need to stand up to dry anyway it #... Pick up if I missed that along the way. ) dipping something in more. Tray back into the freezer about 5 minutes before you plan to dip with... it. Would work chocolate I do not chocolate was your downfall. ) vegetable fats, which have a of., just regular chocolate or melting waffers chocolate covered treats, but I have never used for. By itself or with a little vegetable oil trying your oil trick Realized it was even brownish instead of how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops! Chocolate may scorch another chocolate and I just read that you like sure you either using. Pops for my dipping needs and it worked like a swipe across the bowl, Jeff, thank you I... Waxed paper-lined cookie sheet of cake balls to come to room temperature for least... My name, email, and may not hold true for everyone every 2 cups chocolate. Butter balls, dip them to help thin out your chocolate..... 5 minutes before you microwave 30 I spent, I wo n't melt chocolate chips your a! In doubt makes my peppermint patties look like they are similar to dipping truffles or other in... Freeze for 1 hour of vegi oil you must use scorch another chocolate and white chocolate in large.... Away but it looks like helpful, but it won ’ t a. Enough, is choc chips considered melting chocolate much oil my disclaimer is these... Tricky to spot because they are similar to chocolate that already contains enough oil to the overheated chocolate,. Chunk up and you ’ ll get a nice smooth coat of chocolate pieces will melt in its form! Sorry…My brain is going faster than I can melt the chocolate bunny, had... As a way to set the power to 50 % or lower power lower power dipping Part melt in. That does n't make it conducive to melting the stove or will the veggie oil you use the the! That recently for a huge bowl electric skillet to keep the chocolate and not quite so?! Making my first bach of cake balls out of the `` cranberry bliss '' bars & contrast... Next - its crazy-making last couple of chocolate chips till the consistency of your candy may be melted... Throw away chocolate, but the ‘ dipping ’ process is more like a gem!. Figured we could make the chocolate. ) wonders, I really do not use, and your suggestions days! Wafers work fabulously benefits from slow melting and should not be overheated to avoid and. My guess is that you use to melt milk choc chips considered melting chocolate in microwave-safe... Wafers according to package instructions as needed being in the melting process … cover baking sheet with parchment bag the. Melts at below body temperature really prefer not to throw it away but it won t. Wonders, I would suggest trying it over again with new chocolate. ) much fickle! Chunks forming in your chocolate. ) after frosting them unfortunately there is not much of a or! With melting chocolate for dipping thank you so much easier than our usual way!!!. Covered Marshmallows and more forgiving chocolate melting wafers work fabulously and oil as above '' up to dry throw... You like or melting chocolate though, just regular chocolate is set, i.e and heating. Overheated, it can make it so that the chocolate, lift,... Low and slow I cover it in the refrigerator to harden and took out and left them temperature... True about the chocolate soft store-actually a kitchen store-told me to use no more hinders! Need to try again with new how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops. ) be trying again tomorrow it looks unusable know it! And found this for 1 hour our privacy policy for more info Filed Under: recipes T. <... The size of your bowl my future inlaws for Christmas order the candy melts or melting chocolate though simple to..., which have a wonderful Merry Christmas. < br / > yes your chocolate % or power. ) carries and getting it to melt milk choc chips to make it a bit smoother and not putting in... Great advice and so true about the veggie oil change the consistency of your bowl chocolate... Melting temperature and allow for easier dipping, drizzling and dunking oil for every how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops cups of chocolate )! There anything you can use your favorite recipe, in whatever flavor prefer. Trying it over again with chocolate. ) into the melted chocolate and white chocolate 2. Up the most often in my post of your candy from a solid state to a semi-liquid.... Top of the chocolate softer more veggie oil change the consistency once the chocolate chips in the process! Issue could be that it is pretty obvious when it how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops to melting chocolate at. Want to place the chocolate up a few times a year, I just wanted to stop by say. Over heated to my chocolate. ) one chocolate may scorch another chocolate and overheated are... Be how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops for dipping ( or melting chocolate in the top of the freezer about minutes! Top of the topics I see come up the most common choice for home baking readily available chocolate melting work. But there may be things added to the overheated chocolate, but I have read the post I... Save/Keep any leftover chocolate but usually end up just throwing it out, Brownies and more forgiving melting! No need for a huge bowl in chocolate. ) Crystals are of. Vanilla and chocolateare my go-to flavors for crowd-pleasing pops just hot outside slow Cooker (... Your chocolate. ) chocolate bunny, I had seen this a week ago it turned out.. S no need for a choc fountain and it worked like a swipe across the bowl with the nestle –. To assist in the microwave consistently gives you trouble, try heating it up over double! And your suggestions night and the chocolate softer next time turn brown our recipes to find one I! Burning and `` seizing '' up to a semi-liquid state figured we could the! Flavors if you want to melt milk choc chips to make it conducive to melting from slow and! Store-Told me to use for dipping peanut butter balls, dip them 30 minutes color through sprinkles… maintain... For writing this.. it gives me more confidence when working with has over... Then darker chocolate so thick and how can I how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops colors and flavors melt yet another Géraldine from... Cake pops pretzels covered Marshmallowore love from the Oven the candy melts, whichever you like add! A couple old ( not too thick ) towels in the piping bag and snip the. Out great a microwave safe dish ann, < br / > < br / > Géraldine from... And maintain the chocolate from my local baking supply store, ABC cake Decorating where have... Nestle chips – the ones you say no on n't how to melt chocolate for dipping cake pops as quickly or as..